Wanted: Pressed for Time Small Business Owners

Wanted: Pressed for Time Small Business Owners

Virtual answering service seeking small business owners who want to get more time back. Owners could be bogged down with responding to phone calls, voicemails, or text messages. An ideal match is someone who wants to grow, provide exceptional customer service, and take back control of their day.

All missed-connections jokes aside, we are in business to help small businesses! Forbes recently released an article about how much time sales reps actually spend selling. They found that nearly two-thirds (64.8%) of time is spent on non-revenue-generating activities. This is where we come in.

Ready to Take Back Control of Your Day?

Catalyst Communications is a re-imagined, third-generation, family-owned and operated business designed for the 21st century. We provide fast, convenient solutions for your business by connecting you with your customers. In our fast-paced world, prospective clients and customers want quick answers, efficient response time, and reliable service. Let our operators serve as your live answering, custom call center, SMS messenger, and everything in between.

Who’s a Good Fit?

From HVAC companies to medical offices to law firms – and beyond – there are many benefits to having a full-time answering service. One of the greatest is our 24/7 availability to answer calls not only from your existing customers but to provide a warm welcome to potential leads, as well. The consumer experience today is widely based on immediate gratification. If you think about your own shopping experience, you know that if someone doesn’t pick up the first time around, you have plenty of other choices. Our friendly and professional virtual receptionists answer your calls to ensure you have a chance to develop those leads that might otherwise go unanswered.

Our answering service also comes in at a fraction of the cost of an on-site hire. This allows you to repurpose that funding for manpower and other resources more pertinent to your business. With additional resources dedicated to your actual execution needs, you can take advantage of the additional leads our services will provide and accelerate your business!

Setting up meetings that work around everyone’s schedule can definitely take up a lot of time, especially if people cancel or need to change last minute. We can help make appointments without taking time out of your or your employees’ day.

Grow, Grow, Grow

When you are a small business owner, we know how important it is to grow that business. A high percentage of customers are looking for an answer right when they call. Most of the time they will not leave a voicemail or even if they do, they will still call the next person on their list. Catalyst will help you service both current and potential clients with our high-quality representatives who will provide customized care to current customers and prospective customers alike.

Give Your Customers the Service They Deserve

Choose our friendly, professional virtual receptionists and enjoy the rewards of satisfied customers and happier employees. Once onboard, we will help you free up time through scheduling, align your sales through accelerated account questions, and provide consultation services for strategy and operations.

We hope you have found what you were looking for at Catalyst Communications! Use the form below to get started on setting up your Catalyst account today.