Let Us Hold Down the Fort over the Holidays

Don’t be a Grinch! The holidays are approaching and with that comes the PTO requests. This year, don’t leave anyone stuck in the office. Let our holiday elves keep up with the business while you and your employees are away.

Catalyst Elves

The holiday season can be trying on you and we are here to make things a little easier. Just because you are out of the office, doesn’t mean business has to close or stop. At Catalyst Communications, we provide fast, convenient solutions for your business by connecting you to your customers while you are away. In our fast-paced world, prospective clients and customers want quick answers, efficient response time, and reliable service – even when you are enjoying your turkey dinner. By signing up with Catalyst Communications, your potential and current clients will always be able to talk to a live person. We do this by providing you with a number for call forwarding.

Our operators act as virtual receptionists answering the call specifically to your business and obtaining information requested by YOU. We will then deliver your messages so you can follow up on customer leads when it’s convenient for you. We can send you your messages at the end of every day – this way, you will be able to enjoy time with your family and still stay connected to your clients.

What If It Is Urgent?

You are able to set up criteria where we can reach out to you immediately if you have a call come in that you would consider urgent. If not, we can save all your calls and emails until the end of the day – or whatever time you designate to receive your messages.

What Are Your Hours?

If your hours of operation will be changing during the holidays, we can field those calls that come in during your “normal” hours. This way people will not get discouraged when they are not able to reach you at a time they normally are able to. Finding people to help during the holidays can be difficult. Let us take on the heavy lifting while you enjoy the season. Ready to get started? Call us today for a free consultation: 1-800-275-0303.