Would Your Business Benefit from an Answering Service?

We love a good “Top 10” list so we decided to make our own. These are 10 businesses that are our services are a perfect fit for but before we dive into the list – let us tell you a little bit about what we do.

What We Do

Catalyst Communications is a live virtual receptionist servicing your business as a workforce multiplier. In our fast-paced world, prospective clients and customers want quick answers, efficient response time, and reliable service. Let our operators serve as your live answering, custom call center, SMS messenger, and everything in between.

The consumer experience today is widely based on immediate gratification. If you think about your own shopping experience, you know that if someone doesn’t pick up the first time around, you have plenty of other choices. Our friendly and professional virtual receptionists answer your calls to ensure you have a chance to develop those leads that might otherwise go unanswered.

Catalyst puts the front desk in your pocket. Our services empower you to focus on business execution while we set the stage for you to line up business.

With Catalyst, you get a live 24/7/365 service that offers a comprehensive suite of features at a fraction of the cost of an on-site hire. This allows you to repurpose that funding for manpower and other resources more pertinent to your business. With additional resources dedicated to your actual execution needs, you can take advantage of the additional leads our services will provide and accelerate your business!

10 Businesses That Would Benefit from Catalyst Communications

  1. HVAC Companies
  2. Medical Offices
  3. Law Firms
  4. Funeral Homes
  5. Real Estate Agents
  6. Small Business Owners
  7. E-Commerce Based Businesses
  8. Event Planning Businesses
  9. Financial Planners
  10. Marketing Agencies

Are you on the list? Are you not on the list? These are just a few of the industries that are already improving their business with Catalyst Communications – however, there are hundreds more!

Why Us?

We charge per call, not by the minute.
Every other call center in the country charges by the minute. Those are operator minutes mind you, not actual talk time. With our competitors the clock starts ticking once the operator answers the phone and doesn’t stop until they have completed post-call tasks. As a result, while the average call takes just 1.5 minutes, you pay for 2-3 minutes of operator time. At Catalyst, we simplify the equation to provide you with more value.

Our experience is industry leading.
We trace our roots directly to one of the oldest call centers in the country. We understand that technology has evolved not only in our industry, but in yours because we’ve been answering those calls for decades.

We want to help you grow your business.
Not just answer your phone. We don’t want to just deliver your messages, we want to give you the next lead that will help you grow your book of business.

Are you ready to give your customers the service they deserve? We are looking forward to working with you! Give us a call at 1-800-275-0303 to learn more about what we can do for you.