How Many Clients Are You Missing?

After the holidays, your current clients probably need you more than ever! You are planning for the new year, setting goals, and getting new promotions started. Have you thought about how many potential future customers or clients you are missing while you are meeting with your current clients? We are here to help! Keep reading to see how Catalyst Communications can help you grow your business and the best ways you can utilize our services for that reason.

In our fast-paced world, prospective clients and customers want quick answers, efficient response time, and reliable service. They do not want to leave voicemails. When they are ready to speak to someone on the phone, they want to be able to get through. Let our operators serve as your live answering service.

Choose Option Three

You are busy in a meeting with a current client and the phone rings. Normally, this would go to voicemail or you would have to leave your current client to take the call. Neither of these options is a good one. Instead, choose option three, let us answer the call for you! What your client will hear is a friendly hello from one of our operators. Our operators act as virtual receptionists answering the call specific to your business. We will them obtain any information that you have requested!

Some examples of the information that Catalyst Communications’ virtual receptionists can gather just for you include:

  • Whether they are a current or potential client
  • What type of services they are interested in from your company
  • Budget
  • Whether they would like to schedule an in-person meeting or a phone call and when
  • Who they are calling for
  • The name of the company they are calling from
  • The choice is yours!

In addition to gathering the information for you, we can also write a script that details exactly how you would like our team uto answer and end the call.

How Does This Help You Get More Clients?

Even when a voice message is left, a high percentage of your prospective clients or customers will call the next company on their list until they reach a live person. Catalyst’s professional receptionists will make sure that you get an opportunity to earn future business by answering your business calls – every time.

Acquiring new customers can be more expensive than keeping the ones you already have. Catalyst will help you service both with our high-quality (friendly and knowledgeable) representatives who will provide customized care to your current customers and prospective customers alike.

Once onboard, we will help you free up time through scheduling, align your sales through accelerated account questions, and provide consultation services for strategy and operations.

Ready to Start Gaining New Customers & Clients?

We are looking forward to working with you! Give us a call at 1-800-275-0303 to get started today.