The Key to Your Next Closing

According to Zillow, May 1 through May 15, is the best time to sell a home in 2019 to maximize return and minimize time on the market. Real estate agents, this means you are going to be busy! At Catalyst Communications, we work closely with real estate professionals to provide 24/7 live receptionists to help represent your business when you are busy, which you will be! Let us be the key to your next closing.

We break down why hiring an answering service could be the key to your real estate success.

Homes are Going Fast

In today’s real estate market, homes do not sit for long. Therefore, when someone is calling for your help, they want answers fast. For most real estate agents, spending more time on the phone is simply not an option. The Catalyst team is trained to take and route all of your time-sensitive and routine incoming calls so that you can focus on growing your business. We create a high degree of customization to enhance your caller experience. You can select when we answer, who we transfer, and how we set caller expectations for follow-up communications. This helps you provide the best service to all of your clients. You are able to be in control of all of your client communication without having to always take the call yourself.

Don’t Miss Leads

Leads can come in anytime day or night. Many people are searching for homes on nights and weekends when they are not at the office. This could mean that you are not in the office yourself – or, you’re already with another client. With our help, you can make sure no leads go unanswered. In addition to staying connected to future clients, Catalyst Communications will keep you connected to other brokers and agents. If you have a reputation for not being easy to get in touch, you could be missing referrals from others in your business!

Why Catalyst?

Catalyst Communications is a re-imagined, third generation, family owned and operated business for the 21st century. We can trace our origins back to 1961 when Belle Grubert founded the Blackhorse Answering Service in southern New Jersey. In the days of switchboards and manual note taking and message delivery, dedication to meeting every caller’s needs was of utmost importance.

In the 1970s, our father took over operations and continued to build on the success of the business to develop a successful call center. Catalyst Communications is an expansion of our family’s success. We are a veteran-owned business built to help others grow in that likeness.

With Catalyst Communications, you have a steadfast devotion to your company’s needs and an overwhelming desire to see you succeed. While we have literally grown up in this business, we have in-depth leadership and management experience in a multitude of industries. We naturally understand the importance of reliability, emerging technology, and customer interactions in this new era of expected immediate response. Give us a call at 1-800-275-0303 to join the Catalyst family.