So, What Does an Answering Service Cost: Why We Charge per Call, Not by the Minute

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If you are considering hiring an answering service, we know the biggest and most important question on your mind is “how much is it going to cost?” At Catalyst Communications, we charge per call, not by the minute. For comparison, most of our call center counterparts charge by the minute.

Why Does This Matter?

When answering services charge by the minute, what gets tracked is operator minutes, not actual talk time. With our competitors, the clock starts ticking once the operator answers the phone and doesn’t stop until they have completed post-call tasks. As a result, while the average call takes about one and a half minutes, you’ll actually end up paying for two to three minutes of operator time.

We Simplify the Equation to Provide You With More Value

We offer three packages that fit many business types, however, we understand that every business is different. Our friendly team is available to discuss your needs and we will come up with a plan that works best for you. We will never sell you something that you do not need and we are always transparent about pricing. The Catalyst team does not want to just deliver your messages, we want to give you the next lead that will help you grow your book of business. We’re here to develop a partnership that fits all of your needs.

Package One: 50 Calls for $119 
$0.99 for each additional call
~75-100 minutes operator time expected

Package Two: 100 Calls for $150
$0.99 for each additional call
~150-200 minutes operator time expected

Package Three: 150 Calls for $199
$0.99 for each additional call
~225-300 minutes operator time expected

Assumes average call length is one and a half minutes with message delivery via email. If average call length exceeds three to four minutes, different rates will need to be negotiated. If additional call volume beyond 150 calls is expected, please call for custom rates. If message delivery is via means other than email, additional charges will apply. Additional fees may apply for specific services, holidays, etc. Learn more at the button below.

Service Can Be Established With a Phone Call

We know you are busy, and we are ready to take some of that off your plate immediately. Once you set up call forwarding through your provider, we will give you your personal call forwarding number. Whenever you would like to turn the service on, activate call forwarding to the number we provide. You can also just use the number we provide as your primary line if you’d rather use our resources to save on administrative costs in your office. Call us today at 1-800-275-0303 for a free consultation.