Our Background

Our Background


Catalyst Communications is a re-imagined, 3rd-generation, family owned and operated business for the 21st century. We trace our origins back to 1961 when Belle Grubert founded the Blackhorse Answering Service in southern New Jersey. In the days of switchboards and manual note taking and message delivery, dedication to meeting every caller’s needs was of utmost importance.

In the 1970s, our father took over operations and further built on the success of the business to develop a successful call center. Catalyst Communications is an expansion of our family’s success. We are a veteran-owned business built to help others grow in that likeness.

With Catalyst Communications, you have a steadfast devotion to your company’s needs and an overwhelming desire to see you succeed. While we have literally grown up in this business, we have in-depth leadership and management experience in a multitude of industries. We naturally understand the importance of reliability, emerging technology, and customer interactions in this new era of expected immediate response.

Give your customers the service they deserve. Choose our friendly, professional virtual receptionists and enjoy the rewards of satisfied customers.